With friends like these...

Debbie Hayton has fully medically transitioned and yet insists on referring to transgender women as men. Unsurprisingly, this has raised the ire of fellow trans people who have enough trouble without getting heat from one of their own.

Anne Lawrence who famously sided with Ray Blanchard's toxic theorizing was one such acolyte who decided to take a self depricating view of her own malaise of AGP which paints male to female gynephilic transsexuals as mentally ill men with misdirected sexuality.

You can well imagine that right wingers love such characters and Walt Heyer is still trotted onto YouTube channels who thrive on attacking trans people for daring to exist. The indignation of some people is such a driving force that they must go out of their way to make sure we are miserable.

If we study the topic seriously, we know that both gender and sexuality are complicated affairs and not nearly as black and white as they seem. Despite this, some people seem to be virulently offended by what some trans people decide to do with their bodies. By also having some of our own feed into the ignorance of the right wing with their self depricating theories, it doesn't do anyone any favors; not us or the deeply ignorant themselves who seem to love feasting gratuitously on malice.


  1. The thing is, Hayton is just as hated by the bigots as any other trans person. She (and similar) are just a useful tool for them, a trans voice they can trot out, so they tolerate her for now. When her value to them diminishes enough, however, they'll throw her to the same wolves as they would throw the rest of us to and it won't bother them in the slightest.

    Related, she uses women's facilities. Like Jenner, she got hers, so she doesn't care about the rest of us.

    1. "they'll throw her to the same wolves as they would throw the rest of us to and it won't bother them in the slightest" -precisely!! some people just don't learn

  2. It could be that she wanted her fifteen minutes of fame - some cannot just fade into oblivion, as most of us are quite happy to do. "Look at me, I look like a woman but I am really a man!" Yawn... how wonderful for you sweetie. Now go back to your knitting.


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