With the years

Every so often I will wear something eclectic like bright colored socks and casual pumps as in the photo below. Just before winter it's trickier with footwear in that sometimes don't want sneakers or boots. Getting that everyday combination of practicality, comfort and style takes a bit of practice. I have my staples now but own enough things that I can throw something together relatively easily no matter the occasion.

It's been interesting developing my style over the years and things I would have kept when I was not living as Joanna have been abandoned because they were taking up room and not being used. I've got my formula down now but it took many years to perfect although I am likely to change again with the years.

My identity is more than about clothing but when I was discovering myself in the earlier years it was the closest and easiest symbol I could employ to convey it. It has grown and morphed since then.


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