Your fundamental nature

Something happens when you are at peace with yourself: the world seems like a less ominous place, and you begin to see others in a more positive light. The hurt of feeling isolated in your own drama subsides as you settle into a normal that brings you fulfillment. I have said many times here before that it is your life, and no one has the right to weigh in on it for you have a unique place in this universe and no matter your identity you should celebrate and treasure it. If you spend your time looking for outside validation you may find yourself alone if the world doesn’t know what to make of you. 

You cannot love others fully if you are dissatisfied with yourself. Yes, it is good to correct flaws and to perfect our patience, but your fundamental nature is what makes you the individual you are and possesses value. Until we learn that lesson fully, we will never reach any kind of contentment.

If you watched the video I posted by Charlotte to the end, you saw her ultimate advice was not to fight your own essence which sometimes in this world is a very difficult thing to do. It is however the ultimate path to fulfillment.


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