Before it's too late

The right in America is tied to large corporations that pollute the planet and are beholden to them financially. Hence all they are left with are cultural wedge issues to distract a generally not well educated population. The latest is critical race theory which is graduate level study involving systemic racism and how it impacts social, legal and cultural areas of society.

Watching MAGA bumpkins and their outrage because grade school kids are being exposed to it (they aren't)  could be funny except that it's the kind of subject that loses elections for Democrats. Here the failures of the US scholastic system helps Republicans eager to not discuss the economic issues which should be front and center in middle American households. The rich and powerful members of the oligarchy need not worry.

The malaise in America is the perfect storm of two inept parties (one of whom openly flirts with fascism) whistling in the dark until the population finally rises up.

Hopefully before it's too late.


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