Before we are wise

I've had a lot of time to reflect the last few years over whether any romantic potential still exists in me. I often feel that what I have seen thus far has soured my taste to the idea and even cohabitation is no longer palatable. I now understand much better people who say they won't do it again once or twice burned and have had time to be on their own.

There are of course benefits to sharing a life; of that there is no question and yet my opinion of human behavior has soured over the years with experience and by seeing things coming at a distance I know where the pitfalls will lie far in advance. Perhaps it is why it's best that we couple before we know what suits us so nature gets what it needs and the species continues. It is best that things happen before we become wise.

In our particular case, trans people once self realized will no longer be constrained in any kind of box which is what keeps me wary of venturing beyond simply my wild  imaginings.


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