Believe it or not, the flu shot has now become a partisan issue in the United States. Yes, you guessed it, Trumpists are less likely to get a flu shot which in the past was an issue immune to political stripe. This does not surprise me all that much as the GOP increasingly became a storage house for the repudiation of science and rational thought. It does however point to the deepening problem of misinformation becoming dominant in areas which were generally devoid of it.

Some comments I have read from progressives have to do with letting Darwinian selection do its thing and weed out the misinformed, but this is hardly a constructive proposal. Instead, we should see this latest development as a bellwether for the dangers of social media as primary source of information for the uneducated. America is hardly alone in this problem, but it serves as a laboratory for what could befall other nations because of its size and importance on the world stage. The fact that other countries are used to having more realistic views of their relevance helps them to have their feet a little more on the ground whereas the jingoism and the flag waving in the US give the ignorant a false boost of security.

In essence, media platforms originally meant for keeping in touch with old friends and school mates, have now become incubators for the worst types of outcomes.

David Pakman reviews the numbers and explains….


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