Individualism works well when times are good, however when times are tough it is collectivism which pulls a country from the brink of ruin. This is such a time for most world nations where our recovery from a global pandemic and virtual economic collapse has forced governments to intervene in a more significant way.

This is anathema for conservatives who praise rugged individualism and free market capitalism to win out. The fact that US corporations and financial institutions receive the equivalent of corporate welfare need not disrupt the illusion that the economy is operating as it should. It is why the GOP is espousing a doomed philosophy hampered even more by flirting with dangerous cultural ideas from its woefully uneducated base.

We are at a global crossroads and the nations that will come out of this era with a healthier population status will be those who focus on the needs of the largest swath of their respective societies. Those who continue to flirt with dangerous ideas and failed political orthodoxy will not.

Republicans will tell you that all forms of public assistance is akin to communism except that without FDR's collectivist policies they would not have come out of the Great Depression. Obama's bailout of the banks responsible for the real estate bubble equally fits the bill.

Should Republicans win back congress in 2022 the country will be in severe peril.


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