In November of 2016, the day after the US election, a Radio-Canada reporter stuck a microphone in my face as I walked to work perhaps wanting to get the every person’s opinion of what had just occurred.

“Un vrai desastre” I said without hesitation.

The election of Trump did of course prove to be an unmitigated disaster and as the evidence continues to pour in regarding the January 6th insurrection, we are getting a full portrait of how a true psychopathic narcissist works and how if enabled they can do tremendous damage. Democracy was hanging by a thread and in fact still does.

I have written here before that I used to wonder how Germany could have gone from Weimar Republic to Adolf Hitler except that I stopped wondering when I was able to witness it in real time happen in America. Well before Trump my eyes had been freed from blinders regarding the ignorance and gullibility of the general population, but the extent that this chicanery was possible advanced my ideas on human nature and its penchant for mass hypnosis.

There isn’t going to be an easy fix for all this as Trump wasn’t the problem but a symptom of what was already there. He simply stirred up the dust and watched the resulting chaos with glee and what this says about human beings in general is not particularly reassuring.


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