If our genitals were entirely responsible for our gender identity there would not only be no transgender people, but also no feminine men or masculine women. You see, testosterone and estrogen only get you so far and what most governs are our brains with a complexity that we have barely begun to adequately map. Therefore when dissenters make the direct correlation between sex and gender as being infallible, they are simply opting for wishful thinking.

Trans people reside at the far end of a spectrum that has always existed among genetically born males and females and by doing so extend it. Those individuals who do not identify as trans may blur gender norms so they can feel comfortable, and in so doing give us a reality check on how sexual plumbing and identity are not always aligned. Therefore we might see masculine women avoid dresses and opt for a completely male wardrobe as a way of expressing their identity but not need to go beyond that point.

This spectrum concept is not only observed among humans but also in any biologically based entities where anomalies and permutations are found in tremendous varieties and quantities. In other words, nature abhors uniformity. The problem has always been that the reality of a spectrum challenged societal and religious dogmas put in place to subjugate populations and so the concept had to be rejected. In that light, it was simply easier to cast people who did not obey as defectives and since we would rather be accepted than rejected, many if not most of those inclined to break the rules simply followed them.

Today the rulebook is being changed a little every day, which is why we are seeing pushback from those who would rather we all go back into hiding.


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