Social media has proven to me what I already knew instinctively from life experience: that the masses are woefully uneducated. The rise of willful ignorance has spiked in the decades since the advent of an internet where people can always find like-minded souls. The recent Qanon second coming of JFK junior conspiracy only further confirms what the lower intellect rungs of society will stoop to.

There is no fixing this completely; even in an era where actual information is at our fingertips. Without the power of discernment and critical thought you can view this period in our history as the best possible time to corrupt empty heads.

George Orwell understood this when he wrote 1984 and he had seen enough of the world to understand how the masses could be manipulated into movements that would derail entire nations. The reason that history seems to repeat itself with almost mirror-like accuracy, is that the evolution of the human mind has not perceptibly advanced at all.


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