I hadn’t bought breast forms in quite some time but when you wear them every day they tend to disintegrate after a while. The backing disappears and I had been using tape to regenerate life into them and keep them going. There is nothing like the weight and feel of silicone and since I am not on HRT (a final decision made after some careful deliberation) they are the only option I will settle for. I also like the way they warm to the heat of the body.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on them and the ones I just bought which were very similar to my current ones cost just under $100 Canadian including tax and shipping at the Breastform Store (pictured below). Considering my old ones had lasted for several years and were on their last legs, I could no longer put this purchase off.

If you don’t know your desired cup size at least make sure you know the bra band size that you need by measuring yourself just under the armpit.


  1. A lot less expensive than HRT, fully reversible, and you are guaranteed the size you order (unlike HRT). All in all, a good purchase! :- )


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