Great expectations

If you are waiting for other people to give you permission to live life on your own terms then you might be waiting a while. You see, you have set up expectations of how you are supposed to be, and some members of our own families might even live vicariously through us. Therefore, when you go off script it ruins it for them, and your own feelings need not be as important.

At my age I am finally living for me and have not only shed expectations of family but also of society and, the power inherent in that, is nothing short of soul saving. Sure, it does take an initial boost of courage but then trans people typically run out of road and then are forced to act lest they sink into depression and possibly even entertain ideas of self-harm.

Sometimes, others don’t want to see you escape the gravitational pull of expectation because they haven’t the courage to do it themselves. Therefore, rather than rejoice in your accomplishment they would instead see you fail in your attempt.


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