Last gasp

Right wing extremism is increasingly finding a friendly ear among people who feel powerless and despondent. Their economic woes are making them more susceptible to its message that social movements meant to elevate women, visible minorities and LGBTQ people are responsible for what ails them. As the world progresses into a new era where even the nature of work and how we perform it is morphing, the lasts gasp of baby boomer angst at losing the reins of power is helping feed the tumult.

White men who controlled the world for much of the last few centuries, are upset that their time is almost up, and they are not going down without a fight. Therefore finding allies among the religious right, the racist and the misinformed is just what the doctor ordered. It is no coincidence that many countries are toying with fascism and fringe parties are testing the waters with people who want solutions to woes mostly driven by massive inequality fed via disregard for their well being. Today the GOP is full of idiot Congressmen and Senators who represent the fringe electorate with gusto and they are being echoed by a looney right wing media.

Unfortunately, adding to our woes is that stupid is its own kind of pandemic except one which is permanently with us...


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