L'eau coule

The plumber came downstairs after he had cleared the blockage in my neighbor's washing machine drain and stared at my chest for a moment. I didn't take offense but it reminded me about how irritating it is for many if not most women to have that happen.

"L'eau coule maintenant Madame Joanna" he tells me in French confirming I will no longer have water enter my condo.

Things are different now and I am more aware of how I am treated and viewed by men. It runs from a spectrum of occasional leering stares at the mall to extreme politeness and respect.

There is no question that it is more difficult for women in society and the amount of judgement they receive. They are assessed on both physical and mental attributes with far more willingness for others to pass judgement and must excel beyond the capacities of their male peers in order to receive the same recognition.


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