Lest ye be judged

If there is an overarching theme to this blog it is that of my interest in social justice particularly for the underdog. There are people who suffer in this world and are marginalized because they don't fit the script in some way. Since much of society lives in fear of truly being themselves, they allow that frustration to serve as justification for passing judgment on others. A colleague of mine separating from her spouse is currently experiencing that judgement from her family.

Communication and understanding is what is missing in this world and if we had it we would be a calmer and more peaceful people. There would be more of us able to feel happiness and joy throughout our lives.

As I have gotten older I want to help in my own small way. I want people to free themselves from oppression and find inner strength and, even if we touch just a few lives along the way, we will know we have done something positive.


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