Mixed bag

Linda wrote to me and inquired whether the ladies I meet know I am trans and simply don't mind which would be fine by me. However the reason I know they don't know I am trans is they have asked me questions and made statements clearly based on the presumption that I am a genetic female.

This has been an issue I have been torn over for some time in that there are a number of women in my social circle who haven't been told as I did not see the need to. My friend Sherry who has  been living stealth and medically and surgically transitioned over 25 years ago offered that this was up to me entirely and I need not feel obliged.

I worked hard to blend in and tested my mettle to the point where I realized I was more than just blending and people were assuming I was female; I simply did nothing to correct them. As a result I now have a social circle comprised of people who know and those who don't.


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