My intent was to make my son feel better and I'm sure I helped. At 21 years of age he has not had a sexual experience and worries he is behind compared to his peers which made me chuckle inside. Not only had I waited until I was 32 and newly married but it is how I found out I was transsexual in needing to place myself in the mental role of the female in order to achieve climax.

Of course at the time this scared me to death because it was confirming the secret I had held since childhood and hoped to be rid of. Now it was staring me in the face and would eventually need to be addressed in a more serious way.

That is now water under the bridge, but my essential message to my son was never to compare himself to anyone and to define what was normal for him. I think by sharing this intimate detail I was able to hopefully make him realize this.


  1. very very well done for talking about this.and talking too your son,I SAY HAS HELPED HIM GREAT DEAL.peoples views/judgements are very SNOTTY NOSED ....Mark.X


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