System failure

The recent push towards authoritarian regimes is scary but not all that surprising. After all, the failure of Neoliberalism was that in opening world markets, it only increased wealth for an even smaller segment of the global elite setting the stage for the disillusionment which then earned the US an incompetent and malevolent imbecile like Trump and the world other despotic faux populists. The result is that now we have an even smaller group of oligarchs pulling the global economy strings which is making the world an even more dangerous place.

If you’ve noticed the increased amount of Amazon delivery trucks in your neighborhood its not your imagination. We have entered an era where virtual monopolies have been set up effectively drowning competition that was supposed to be the hallmark of free market capitalism. Once again, the little guy takes it on the chin.

The question isn’t if we are going to have a melt down but more like when and how big will it be. The dangerous combination of fascism and theocracy currently pushing their way into the US political landscape reminds one how fragile our systems of government can be.


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