This site would rather have a smaller readership than pander to a larger one and have me write about things I hate. It is why I write for me rather than to attract eyeballs.

The trans community is wide and we are not all the same; even a small sampling of blogs will show you that. If you are interested in shopping adventures or what I wear from day to day it is best not to look here as those who read my blog have already noted.

There is a difference between a person who crossdressers on weekends and has photo shoots and those who must live with their safety in mind while trying to do so as authentically as they are allowed to. At the risk of putting some people off, it is sometimes the former group that tends to generate traffic to blogs which is unfortunate but not the least bit surprising since that latter group also happens to be much smaller.


  1. Joanna,
    Keep on writing what you have been writing! I missed you when you went on hiatus and I am glad that you are back. I rarely miss a day and I go back to read your musings if I do. We have enough photo sites and need you kind of thoughtful sites!

  2. My 'hot-take' is that the 'fantasy' of the photo sites attracts those of us that have yet to fully admit to ourselves what we could do. Then sites such as yours attract those of us that have moved to make a decision. Or, perhaps, it all hinges on how we find ourselves in the world.

    Is traffic a metric that makes much sense in our quests to understand ourselves and leave behind crumbs on the trial for others to follow if they wish? I mean, I know I worry about such things, but I worry as much about getting noticed as I try to chase being noticed.

    I shall end by echoing Leann - she is not wrong.

    1. I really appreciate this angle very much Joanna and it made me reflect. Very interesting :) thanks to you and Leann!


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