A slow moving coup

There is a slow-moving coup taking place in America where Trump and his cronies are systematically going about replacing the politicians who didn’t help with the attempted election fraud the last time. Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger didn’t find 11,000 plus votes so that Trump could cheat in Georgia (a recording that has incredulously not found its way to criminal proceedings) and so he must go and be replaced by an approved co-conspirator. The reason that all this is allowed to go on is that approximately half the country is perfectly fine with toying with fascism by having a leader that flaunts the constitution; effectively a de facto emperor.

This lunacy is not lost on those of us who have long realized that people aren’t always the cleverest of beings but also that the world operates on a basic presumption for many that those in power know best. Still, I imagine Nixon flaunting his criminality to such an extent and during a different era being immediately removed instead of being allowed to inflict harm on his country as sitting president. Watergate of course pales in comparison.

Once again, it boggles the mind.


  1. I don't know if people up there know what we all know down here which ALL The Mainline News media is owned by Totalitarian Billionaires who brainwash for $$$$ get total control of the unwashed proletariat

    1. a succinct way of putting it but yes, corporate media has its own interests which often clash with the needs of the electorate; most specifically those in most dire need.


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