Having people see you as a woman every day is no longer exciting in any way but is simply reassuring and comfortable. Being addressed as Madame, she or her is not special but it is expected and welcomed as affirmation of your presentation. I think of this process as immersion in a hot bath where you slowly become acclimatized to the temperature of the water and it becomes comforting after the initial shock of trying to enter wears off.

This acceptance by others has helped take the idea of a physical transition off the table because I didn’t need it to accomplish my goal of living more honestly. Had it been imperative I would most assuredly undertaken it just to achieve peace and balance.

It also turns out that when you are self-sustaining the idea of companionship remains attractive but is not as mandatory and we get used to feeding our own soul. That then allows for more cherishing of connections with others when they do happen.

On a pragmatic note it helps when you no longer ever need to worry about beard shadow:)


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