Away from the spotlight

David Cay Johnston has been writing about the shady dealings of Donald Trump for over 30 years and has collected enough information to fill several books. I have listened to some of his lectures and he paints such a grim picture of what was from the beginning a psychopathic and criminal personality type operating with the aid of inherited wealth.

What I find most interesting is not that all this happened, but that it has not really resulted in the consequences one would expect. Even after a criminal presidency and trying to mount a coup there is every reason to think that Trump will run out the clock with assistance from GOP henchmen more than willing to lick his boots.
You will often find in society that there are two different sets of rules: one for the wealthy and one for the common person. The latter will always pay the burden of the consequences when punishment must be administered.
Trump leaves a trail of lawsuits, unpaid vendors, people cheated out of their life savings and finally a full frontal attack on American democracy yet nothing sticks because there are always sycophants waiting in the wings willing to sacrifice whatever principles they may have once had. That we are now watching this spectacle in real time under a magnifying glass only confirms what has always gone on with far greater ease away from the spotlight.


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