Bad faith

The next American Federal election will be ugly beyond words. Having planted the seeds of doubt where now a clear majority of Republican voters believe the election was stolen, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that democracy is in trouble in the country.

We all know the story by now and the two parties have become almost culturally opposite visions of the country and, once you consider your political rival a sworn enemy of everything you stand for, it's no longer about taxation or infrastructure policy. We know the cause of the rift and portions of the country wanting to halt progress are holding back coastal populations trying to move further into the 21st century with a more diverse and global thinking population.

It is the revenge of the uneducated white voter who watches Fox News and gets their political ideas from Facebook compatriots. The people most under the thumb of a deeply flawed oligarchy which suppresses them are voting against their own advancement and one hopes there isn't an outbreak of violence. From where we sit now, however, it's hard to say things won't get worse before they get better.

If the bad faith actors along with the criminal Trump feeding the January 6th insurrection are not prosecuted, you will have set a precedent that says election rigging is now fair game and then watch the sparks fly.


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