In 2019, 90% of Americans had less equivalent take home pay than in the mid 1970's. This is a startling but unsurprising statistic as we look around and see the increasingly shrinking middle class.

It helps explain why social wedge issues as distraction are working so well and why the country is on the verge of civil strife. Trumpism gave some permission to enflame existing frustrations by pointing towards enemies which aren't the root cause of the pain.
The current system, which works as an oligarchy, is not free market as is trumpeted doctrine but instead employs favoritism based on political clout gained through corporate donations; essentially creating virtual monopolies.
By using distractions, the elite have used cultural issues as pawns to represent bogeymen people can vilify.

What we begin to realize is that power in the hands of few always works the same in history with only the circumstances changing. The results, however, are always the same.


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