Dysphoria and euphoria

Jack Molay’s latest Crossdreamers post included a reference to both gender dysphoria and euphoria which got me thinking. Gender dysphoria is something that all trans people are familiar with, but gender euphoria is something all people have experienced. The woman in the perfect fitting dress looking in the mirror or the man in the dapper suit with just the right haircut can lead both to appreciate their gender in select moments.

Once trans people have eliminated or at least put their dysphoria mostly in check, they can begin to experience euphoria the way others do, and it has been happening to me more as I live more authentically. There are those moments when everything is going right with your presentation, and you might feel so right in your skin that there is a kind of momentary jubilation involved.

Both dysphoria and euphoria are not constant, and they can co-exist rearing their heads at moments we sometimes do not expect. Like with everything else in life, the key is to find a balance point.

On another note, those winter boots were delivered quickly, and I wore them on my walk this morning :)


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