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What comes after this global reset is anyone's guess but I will venture some ideas. The nature of work being permanently impacted, people will ask themselves even more whether employment with corporations feeding wealth to their shareholders is really what they want; most especially when they have lost traction in their ability to keep up with rising costs. The nuclear family model I grew up with has also been permanently altered if not entirely jettisoned in favor of a more malleable one that will reduce the birthrate in richer nations. This will result in a further loss of geopolitical power.

Alarmists on the right see this fracturing as anathema to the family structure, but I am holding on to some optimism because what we witnessed before was teeming with a good deal of hypocrisy residing just underneath the surface. People being what they are will find ways to remake their social structure towards models which will perhaps be more equitable and balanced for all citizens. We have seen throughout history just how innovative we humans can be.

In the end I don't mourn the evolution from the world I knew because all change brings with it its double edged sword of both positive and negative.


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