From the mouth of babes

I'm still very much getting used to living almost full time so when someone asks you in jest and in the spirit of the season if you've been a good girl this year (as happened to me this week with a merchant I frequent) it still surprises you a bit. Yes, it's nice to be identified as female but your psyche sometimes wants to castigate you for it. When you spend so many years trying to drown out your being trans, it takes time to work your way back. The way I work against negativity is that I give myself lots of time and don't mind the occasional setbacks of self-doubt.

Yesterday, my daughter brought me back to earth when I made a self-deprecating comment about her getting used to my strange lifestyle and she came back saying that she could care less. Her biggest worry about moving in was that I would find she made too much noise which would disrupt my sleep.

From the mouth of babes.


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