Humans love the concept of attaining that something which will make them happy. It is what the American dream is founded on and why people comb the Facebook pages of friends for evidence they are somehow being left behind. The truth behind the curtain is that these people are no happier or sadder and have their own daily trials which is proven by all kinds of polling and studies confirming wealthy people do not fare any better. Married people are also no happier than single ones which for a long time was a propagated myth.

Still, we want to believe the perfect partner or that new career waiting around the corner will cure our ills and finally bring us to a state of bliss.
As we age we hopefully discover that happiness is a choice which emanates from within. Changing external circumstances will simply add joys but also sorrows which are proportional in size to their magnitude. Anyone who has ever had their heart broken or struggled with raising children will understand what I mean.
Life is complex but we sometimes make it more so by looking outside our situations and rather than appreciate them, pine for something different.


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