Gavin Newsom's had a brainwave which just threw a molotov cocktail not only into the Texas abortion law fiasco but also into the gun lobby and Supreme Court approaches on these two issues. If he succeeds in passing a law that allows private citizens to sue illicit weapon holders and manufacturers, he successfully sends a message to both Texas and to second amendment zealots in one fell swoop. This has so scared the gun people that some are now siding with those fighting the Texas law for fear that they will be impacted.

New York is also considering similar legislation which would mean the two most populous states in the union would have handed the right wing and the highest court in the land a constitutional dilemma. If the court allows the Texas law to stand but interferes with California and New York's laws they will be effectively caught in a trap of hypocrisy that will reek to high heaven of conservative bias.

Kudos to Newsom for his ingenuity.


  1. Joann, I don't want to take anything from Gov. Newsom because it takes someone the focus and the nerve to actually propose this in a forum that can make it happen, but (there is always a but) he wasn't the first to propose this and it is an obvious response to put Texas' attempt in the ridiculous light it should be. Lets hope that several states pass laws along these lines that will get the right upset.

    1. Very good point Leann and thanks for pointing it out!


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