Kill shot

Anthony Fauci has personal bodyguards accompany him when he steps outside to do something as simple as go for a walk with his wife. This is what it has come to in a country that appears to be slowly but steadily fraying at the seams and where out of control right wing media empire FOX News seems fine with anchors using inflammatory language like “kill shot” to denigrate a man who only wants to help people not die. It is this aspect of humanity that works against my desire to find the positive as I am constantly being reminded of the lack of intelligence and plentiful malevolence so prevalent in the world.

Jesse Waters, like Tucker Carlson, is an extremist television hack presenter who panders to a low-grade audience just itching for a fight. There is most assuredly some among his viewers who would more than gleefully go for that kill shot and end Dr. Fauci’s life. The amount of death threats he has received more than amply speaking to that reality.

We may have progressed technologically, but I sometimes despair we have taken steps backwards as we democratize and provide platforms for the simpletons and conspiracy nuts of this world.


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