I found out that my blog ended up on one of those lists that rates trans and crossdressing related blogs and my first reaction was to be a little miffed. Not only don't I like comparisons but I don't see this blog as just dealing with trans issues. It is the blog of a person who happens to be trans.

I might have to try a little harder to avoid even being considered :)


  1. Joanna,
    I looked at those lists recently. I believe that your listing may have been more greatly influenced by you older posts which were more often about trans issues/being than today. There are many blogs still listed that haven't had many, if any, new posts in the past several years. So they appear to be either just repeating older lists (with some rearrangements) or looking at the totality of the blog without more heavily weighing contemporary posts.

    I will say that I see this blog as you wish it to be seen and agree that the most important thing is you opinions/observations and that you just happen to be trans. For example, today's post on the nice person would be true and relevant no matter who you were. That the young lady noticed you and acknowledged it is just plain nice!


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