Maybe it won't surprise you that the parents of the Michigan school shooter (the Crumbleys) were Trump supporters and big 2nd amendment people. By leaving a firearm they had just purchased unprotected and loaded, their 15 year old son was then able to kill people with it. In America, the rights of the gun owners are fine but the rights of victims not to die maybe not so much.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court is hearing arguments that could undo Roe v Wade and send the country backwards in the area of reproductive rights and, while I don't think anyone proposes using abortion as birth control, it is a crime that some babies would be born in an America where half the country is already categorized as the working poor. This all thanks to Trump appointed judges.

The party that purports to care about life only seems to care about the unborn except once the child is born they seem happy to undo all access to the social safety net which would encourage its survival. This is not only massively hypocritical but speaks to a kind of deranged and perverse malevolence.

The decline continues.


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