Michel was a jovial colleague who I think saw life with a sense of humor even as he often recognized its inherent melancholy with his pronouncement of "C'est la vie". He was quick with a laugh and when he entered a room would greet you with a booming voice. He was lost to liver cancer last week and I had hoped we would be able to meet for lunch but as I waited for a good day when he would feel up to going out, his health declined rapidly and suddenly I got the news from a common friend. He was 72 years old.

We first met in 2003 when we worked on the same project and his penchant for microwaving fish or pungent cheese became a recurring joke on the floor. His ready belly laugh when he was teased for it also became a trademark I would continue to see from him over the years.
Our legacy is branded by our humanity and what kind of impact it had on others and, in his case, I will never forget that earnest and unapologetic presentation of who he was. 


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