Monkey wrench

Trans people have thrown a monkey wrench into our daily existence. Think about it, there are plenty of women who look less feminine than a Janet Mock and today, you could be forgiven for thinking that a gravelly voiced and stern Bea Arthur could have started her life as male. There is not always an obvious way to identify a trans person at the outset particularly if they have lived authentically for some time.

I have very good radar but even I have been fooled and what I notice most is the increased level of confidence these young trans people have. In spite of the great challenges, they have had less dark times of repression than we did which makes me so very glad.


  1. Hmm.. Being "fooled" implies that there was an attempt at deception, as though they were hiding something. I would love to see that terminology go away, being your authentic self is not about fooling anyone, it's about being who you are. Being who you are is about confidence.

    1. Very good point Joanne and it was not meant in that regard at all:)

    2. Poor choice of words 🙂

    3. It happens, which I understand as I think many of us have been there, but also important to note it because the narrative around that is especially harmful to trans women.


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