Most assuredly?

If I were my daughter’s age and with what I know today would I transition fully? My temptation would be to say most assuredly yes however I cannot since I don’t have the benefit of hindsight. We had little to no concept of what being trans was in the early 80’s and I had only read enough salacious material back then in the library to scare me running into the hills. Yes, I knew about Renee Richards and had heard of Christine Jorgensen, but my information was sketchy, and I was trying my best to pretend all was normal to pay more attention. My early childhood inclinations had been already cast aside and I buried them as deeply as I could.

I have done the math many times in my head and besides my health history which does not prohibit but certainly discourages HRT, there are other considerations rooted in my lived experience. Besides I am happy in comparison to where I was and that keeps me safe just where I am. I do however laud my friends who have taken that step and are so much happier (yes Deanna I think of you here).

I am a transsexual, but I have figured out how to live within the confines of my lived history and not cast everything away but instead incorporate it into the invention of a whole new person.


  1. You write so powerfully and succinctly. I hope one day to be as comfortable with myself and my lived experience as you are with yourself and yours.


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