Not the brightest stars

What is left for me to work on now is my indignation towards a world where I was forced to grow up being stiffled. Even as I recognize my life has dramatically improved, there are still vestiges of outrage which sometimes threaten to boil over forcing me to keep myself in check.

I need to be careful because having burned off shyness and fear of society's opinion I am apt to give people evil looks and am more than prepared to use a sharp tongue should it be required. That it almost never is, means that I still have work to do to diffuse whatever anger remains.
Being trans wasn't the worst thing that could befall me but it became such a burden that it required taxing over compensation whose misplaced nature, produced frustration. Your eyes are opened and you see the way life works with all its inherent injustices and prejudice which is made more galling by the kind of people most responsible for it hardly being humanity's brightest stars.
And so diffusing the little bomb continues...


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