I try to be patient with religious people because I used to be one of them. However nothing irks me more than blind allegiance to orthodoxy without applying critical thinking. When I hear religious people arguing along the lines of what the church or the Bible says I just raise my hands in exasperation.

I am not an atheist and the argument that everything comes from nothing is as tired and full of fallacy as the most ardent religious fervor steeped in not wanting to think for yourself.

The concept of charity of spirit and kindness and love for your fellow human being need not be polluted with the kind of dogmatic irrationality that leads some to judge without the slightest hint of fact and it is what makes the worst parts of religion so distasteful to me. It also speaks to the presumption that human beings can know all when we clearly cannot.

I am often highly successful in disarming the blindly orthodox because they often have not applied much critical thought to their belief system which, in my view, is highly unfortunate for them. The church for centuries counted on the lack of intellectual curiosity or prowess of their flock and left that to the theologians who themselves were creatures of their time and hence heavily influenced by it.


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