Poll results

I suppose it serves me right for putting a link into my post instead of embedding the poll into it because many more people viewed the post than answered the poll. Still, I'm going to assume that the results can approximately be extrapolated to a larger sample size.

It turns out that fully half of my readers identify as transgender which is the lion share of responses followed by a quarter identifying as crossdressers. Interestingly, the response which came in third was "other" which could have included cisgender people (I should have probably made that a category). The rest were small groups equally divided between transsexual, gender non-conforming and bi-gender.

How people identify is a very subjective thing but it carries meaning for them. No doubt we are impacted by the lexicon of our respective eras and things will no doubt morph yet again in the decades to come.

These results do somewhat confirm what I had suspected about the makeup of my audience and thanks to all of you who responded :)


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