The right

The reason the right wing doesn't do science all that well is that there is a predetermined conclusion to every issue they touch. As a conservative, once you have decided what you want the answer to be, you then go about finding ways to dispell whatever science does not support you. It is why they are often on the short end of finding "experts" who will stand up for their views.

Open mindedness is not part of the vocabulary of the movement as its name would suggest and it is why it's most ardent supporters tend to be religious zealots, bigots and the uneducated; all of whom tend to be easily manipulated. Again, we are not talking here about fiscal conservatism but the cultural and social kind. Hence, whenever a new vanguard issue enters the social arena which threatens their dogma they must treat it as a virus and destroy it. It is with little wonder then that greater rights for women, visible minorities and LGBT people are on the radar for destruction since the people currently in power in the world belong to neither of these groups.

The last gasp of the angry white man is almost upon us and then maybe we may have a shot at reinventing the world. In the United States, the average FOX News viewer is retirement age which bodes well for the future, if we can ever get there. The extreme political rift created in the country is specifically due to this drastic changing of the guard which is pitting forward thinking youth against ignorant old ways and it's going to hurt a little longer still whilst it happens.


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