Thoughts on a Christmas Eve

Today my daughter and I thrift shopped for a bit and it struck me how much life has changed. She doesn't bat an eyelash and just wants me to be happy as she holds up some jeans and asks me what I think. At times it feels surreal and I don't need to try hard to imagine my life before where this would not have been at all possible; certainly not from my perspective.

She came away happy with her purchases but I was happier still for the new normalcy and as I picked up a few groceries for the evening while she waited in the car,  I couldn't help but smile and be glad.


  1. These small, but amazing, changes in our life bring feelings to savour and cherish. Never ever forget these feelings Joanna!
    Merry Christmas dear friend.
    xx Deanna

    1. Merry Christmas to you and Kathy as well and lots of health, peace and happiness Deanna. Hope to see you next year ;)


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