Wine that doesn't age

Back in the late 1980's when Ray Blanchard was proposing ideas about a two type taxonomy on male to female transsexuals, he was dealing with rigid and now woefully outdated 1950's defined models of what it means to be a man or a woman. And so it was AGP: big hands and jaw, likes women versus HSTS petite and feminine, likes men.

Fast forward to today and even a perfunctory look at YouTube videos will show you that transitioned trans people run a gamut between ultra femme and butch and even the supposed androphilic types can be less petite and feminine than gynephilics. Some of their orientation preferences even blur and I personally know some who have dated both men and women.
The problem with pre-conceived bias is that, besides not being scientific at all, it makes your research age very poorly which we can plainly see is the case here.
Time for a new batch of wine I say as that last one's gone sour :)


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