Your own narrative

How do you know what is truly right for you? I ask this because we are often victims of our lived history and will only settle for what we think we deserve. We can lead lives where the early messaging is such a key driver to how we go forward that we can forget we can adjust the programming and rewrite our stories to suit our needs. By getting rid of victimhood we can begin taking charge of where we need to go in life.

When I began this blog almost 10 years ago, I felt powerless in dealing with something I had hoped (but need not) eradicate and did not have a firm grip on my understanding of how to grapple with. Over time however, I was able to take back control and give myself what I needed and deserved.

I see people in society settle for what they think their lot in life should be and many fail to realize their own potential. But it's never too late to find the spirit and innocence which was always there from the start; a spirit which was slowly but surely usurped from us through misguided messaging.


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