A biological root

By now we have a clear understanding that a gender identity has biological roots. For example, when John Money thought one could be imposed on David Reimer, it turned out to be a false assumption. Brenda (at the time) always felt she was a boy and upon discovery she was born biologically male, reverted to living as one. This case was one of the best indications of the biological component inherent in gender which is separate to the cultural norms regarding behavior and manner of dress that tend to vary historically. Hence, when trans people detect very early in life that something is up, there is every reason to believe them and we now understand that we cannot impose a gender identity on anyone.

Harry Benjamin's extensive patient history showed us that gender dysphoria is graded meaning that depending on its severity and degree of receptivity of the family, some trans kids would fare much better than others. A highly dysphoric child with a propensity for obedience in a highly religious family, for example, would be one such less than ideal scenario.


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