A look back

I almost never go back to old posts but when I did this morning what struck me was my evolution. Back then there was fear and trepidation reflected in the writing of how to grapple with my difference which, even 10 years ago when I started this blog, was less understood and accepted than today. I had always been the obedient older child who wanted to fit in socially; at least before I fully understood the mechanics of how the world truly works.

I have come a long way but don't want to rest on any laurels because there is still much work to do. I need to attempt to remove cynicism from the playbook and begin to see life differently once again.


  1. We can never stand still, we have to constantly adapt and evolve, I suspect that even without transition and all the self analysis, introspection, and uncertainty that brings we would still be very different to the people we were ten years ago. Transition certainly does accelerate the process though!

    1. We are ever changing to be sure. I have changed so much...


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