Almost inevitable

There is a simple reason why fascism is on the rise in America: economic desperation. People who have been left behind in the globalist expansion to enrich small minorities of people have fallen prey to narratives from the GOP who very ironically identified itself as the party of family values. Now that isn't true and never was, but the idea that immigrants are to blame and that the white race is being threatened has been the perfect camouflage for Neoliberal policies which have stripped people of their livelihood. An oligarchy has long been established which determines public policy and that structure is not interested in the lowest rungs in the societal ladder. Hence, if you can sell these susceptible people on the idea that they too can have the American dream, you can keep them blind to the truth but only for so long. That tactic is no longer working and a rage is building among the lower classes which will inevitable bring social unrest and, with no motivation on the part of the wealthy in America to remedy the problem, things will continue to deteriorate until people take to the streets; a repeating cycle we see in history.

The Democrats are as bad as the Republicans in allowing themselves to be beholden to corporate interests and because no side is free to release themselves from these obligations, they may be headed for social strife by default. Unfortunately, a generally uneducated public under social pressure is often ripe for falling victim to false messiahs and, these days, there are plenty of them; not just the orange fat one.


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