Arousal and what it means

Now that I can more dispassionately reflect on arousal patterns in trans people, I think I have come to some conclusions about them. Firstly, there is often an expressed early wish which is repressed (by well meaning parents perhaps) in wanting to be female and that denial builds tension which as puberty is entered can take on sexual overtones. The trans identity is definitely there from the outset and almost certainly biologically sourced, only that the repression produces this effect.

Secondly, other forms of gender variance can produce similar outcomes as we can see in the sissy sub-culture where some people infantilize their behaviour by imagining being petticoated boys or dressing up as school girls for example. Again, likely due to repressed wishes becoming sexual fantasy into adulthood.
Even Blanchard noted that there was some cross bleeding into his supposedly purely androphilic group with their arousal patterns albeit a smaller percentage than gynephilics who Blanchard erroneously diagnosed as experiencing target location error (yikes!).
What I am saying here is that trans people should try to look past their arousal as a sign they aren't really trans because that is a dead end which was propagated by the false AGP theory. Instead, they should focus on internal identity and how genuine it actually is for them and what they need for authentically expressing it.
Additionally, my discussions with a close androphilic friend who transitioned years ago, have shown me that there is a lot more commonality than difference.


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