We can talk about authenticity on numerous fronts. Something can be authentically Italian or we can own an authentic gold bracelet but even those claims can be put into question. Gold can have trace elements of alloys and something made in Italy could be produced with raw materials from China by a German-born factory worker. The claim of authenticity suddenly means a little less when we look just below the surface.

When we talk about human beings the claim of authenticity has to do more with adhering to one's personal truth. Here also what makes you authentically male, female or coming from a particular race means less when viewed from the outside. Your sense of identity must originate from within and disregard the tags that others may be trying to impose on you. Once you are comfortable self defining you will notice that those labels mean much less and you can then allow your own authenticity to carry you going forward.
This blog began when I was 50 years of age and as I approach 60, I have increased my internal sense of authenticity by a marked amount. A realization that I attribute to my introspection and my increasing disregard for the outside influences of the world and its inherent contradictions.


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