I haven't feared death for quite some time now and, having had my own close brush with it in my mid forties, you will often find it as a subtext in much of my writing. In recent years I have lost friends and colleagues to various cancers and a brain aneurysm which brings it even closer to the surface. As your own life begins to have less time remaining than you have spent, it is avoiding reality to ignore it.

Nevertheless, there is much joy to be found in embracing your finite nature and appreciate all the more the time we are given. My own religious idealism having been burned off to adopt a more open stance, I still accept the idea that there is more to us than some carbon and a few trace elements; all the more reason to hope but not expect as the mathematician Pascal would advise us.

My 23 year old asked me recently if I was afraid of dying and my quick and emphatic answer may have surprised her a little. Although there have been times I would have welcomed it as release from suffering, I was always glad that it was never fulfilled and the universe chose to ignore my plea. 


  1. I can relate strongly to your final paragraph. Big Hugs ... So, stay around now and continue to inspire others and, most of all, enjoy this time when you have embraced yourself!


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