Embracing versus coping

In the past, there was generally 2 ways to deal with being trans: embracing versus coping. In either scenario there was no perfect outcome because embracing potentially and often resulted in lost marriages, family ties and friendships while coping just made you suffer in silence. Both have their imperfect outcomes but as time has gone by, I realized that coping was the least attractive of the two. It felt more dishonest and made me feel like I was ashamed of being different; like I was disowning it.

Once we are in mid-life there is no simple way to navigate this minefield and sometimes things happen naturally that either hurt or improve our situation, but I don't see much value in leading lives so we can conform to someone else's idea of normal because, by definition, being born trans means your life never will be and with that being the case, you might as well embrace it.


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