The concept of exceptionalism is both false and dangerous because it breeds a hubris which then only expedites your downfall. All my life I have been hearing about the American variety only to witness my neighbors to the south increasingly unravel and begin to toy with totalitarianism. Jingoism doesn't help matters here and worshipping a flag only blinds you to your problems.

I have American friends, have traveled there many times and am dumbfounded sometimes by the general failure to see the obvious. I was once in Vermont discussing with an innkeeper and realizing that I was more well versed in his own country's politics which I found astonishing at the time. His defense of Dubbya (this was the early 2000's) reminded me once again of the power of delusion and the propensity of some to believe what they want despite the facts.
Adopting a pseudo religious fervor only makes things worse because suddenly you are armed with a divine power which bathes your dogma in righteousness; no matter how caustic or absurd your thinking might be, you must be right.
I have concluded that there are no exceptional nations only exceptional individuals and history has a distinct way of reminding us of that.


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